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Hi Troops,
Today my 4018/Vanguard 18 repower got some long overdue attention!!! I madeup a heat shield for the electric clutch in hopes that it will have a longer life!! I also reinstalled the bonding wire, replaced the oil filter side drain plug with a flush type so I can use Motorcraft FL 400s oil filters, changed the oil and filter.
I also installed the Speaker 777 headlight lenses that one of the Casenutz kindly gave to me several years ago.
So my 4018 is smiling at me again and my Scag ZTR is frowning, Oh well, can't please them all the time!!!! It is almost leaf pickup time so both machines will get a workout, but then the white stuff!!!! Yuk!!!!! Can't it stay like this for 11 months of the year?????!!!!!!!
Checkout the pics!!!
Mad Mackie in CT :mrgreen: :mowlawn:
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