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Hello from Iowa

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Glad to have one place to go to get all of my Case info, kind of like the Simple Tractors site I frequent to get my AC info.

I'm a bean counter from eastern Iowa with two young girls and a new house that have keep me busy for the past year, kind of keeping me away from the tractor hobby.

My current collection includes:
Massey Ferguson 12 with blade, waiting for the next snow fall
5 Allis Chalmers (B1, B10, 2 Big Tens, B12) - numerous attachements
Case 646 with bucket and forks
Case 155 with Case Springtooth Harrow and Case Plow (tractor in some phase of restoration)
Case 222 Black Knight Demonstrator

Thanks to all of you who helped put this site together. While I'm more of a lurker, I love to have my questions answered instantly from other members/tech and I really look forward to hanging around.

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I'm looking forward to YOU doing a restoration of your BK. It deserves to have that done.

Thanks for accepting my invitation.

Thanks for the warm welcome, I too look forward to doing the restoration on my Black Knight. While I'm not sure when that project will ever get started, I will be sure to document the entire process on this site. I look forward to the advice and opinions of everyone involved during the process.

I should have mentioned earlier that I also have a 1967 Barracuda that is in some sort of (dis)repair right now. I had a new front frame (unibody) put under it and am looking forward to getting it back on the road some day as well. So many little time.

Thanks again for the invite, I'm very excited to be here.
Jaden, congrats and you have my envy for owning a Black Knight. Hope to see and hear about it down the line.
Jaden: Welcome to the site. :trink: Very impressed with your collection. :thumbsup: Would love to see pictures. Look forward to following your Black Knight restoration. :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
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