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Hi All! Great site. I have owned a Case 446 for the past 12 years or so and have really enjoyed it's simplicity, durability and strength.

I have an interesting full color brochure that the prior owner gave to me that details the entire case line and accessories in living color. It is called "outstanding Yards and Gardens start with a tough Case Tractor...Case Planning Guide. It has around 63 color photos in it and shows the MOD 80 to the 600 series plus all attachments. It also has a one page specification that compares all 12 models featured in the brochure.

Let me know if you folks would be intersted in having a high quality scanned version of this 25 page brochure. I plan to let this stuff go to the person who buys my tractor but want to give this website first dibs on an electronic copy.

I also have the following manuals, same offer applies:

Case Manuals

446 Tractor, 448 Tractor, Operator's Manual 9-7081
Rotary Mower, J40, J44, J46, Operator's Manual No. 9-50556
Cab, K1 and K2, Operator's Manual 9-51411
Attachment Drive Clutch, E-Z Adjust Type, Service Manual 9-51083
Rotary Mower, K40, K44, K46, Operator's Manual 9-51560
Electrical System, Model 226, 446, 448, 646, 648, Service Manual No. 9-51721
Troubleshooting the Engine, All Models, Service Manual 8-55130
Bf, B43M, B48M and CCKA, Onan Engines, Service Manual 9-51392
Troubleshooting the, Hydraulic System, Service Manual 9-50632
Hydraulic System, How it works, Service Manual 9-50882
Hydraulic System, Test Procedures, Service Manual 9-99784
Hydraulic Motor, Service Manual 9-99643
Hydraulic Pump, Service Manual 9-99665
Control Valve, Service Manual 9-50382
Steering And Front Axle, All models, Service Manual No. 9-50391
Two Speed Transaxle, Service Manual 9-99584
Hydraulic Cylinder, Compact Tractors, Service Manual 9-99833
Case Planning Guide From 1981 (Lots of Colored Pictures of Mod 80, 100, 200, 400, 600 Series Tractors and Case Attachments). Also, Complete Model Line Specifications.

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Re: Hello from Ortonville, MI - Full Color Brochure and man

Bryan: Welcome to the site! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: We're glad you joined! Thank you for your kind words regarding the Forum, we do believe that this is the best site for CCI tractors because there is more valuable info and help here than anywhere else. And thank you for your offer to provide technical information and the brochure. So please feel at home here. Some housekeeping stuff: At the top of this forum is a "STICKY MESSAGE" with the title "How to get the best out of this site."
It is in your best interest to read that message prior to posting on the site for the following reasons.

1. We do things a little bit differently here and the message will explain how this forum works so that you will not run into problems navigating the site.

2. It points out features on the site that would otherwise take you months to realize are there. Knowing where to find those features, often keeps new members from asking unnecessary questions and instead, allows them to focus on obtaining more important information about their tractor.

3. One of our leaders is Hilda and she gets a little excited when people don't read that Sticky. Can you blame her? After all, she has spent countless hours working with the Team here to put this site together for the members and all she asks is a few minutes of your time to read a message. But relax. It's all in good fun and we usually have Hilda on a tight leash.

So.... please.... go and read the Sticky and then explore the site.
We look forward to talking with you on the site!

:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
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