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Hello from SW Ohio

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I joined this forum because I like the idea of the simply built tractors like Ingersoll. My tractors are both Wheel Horse. I have a 416-8 and a 520H.I also have an original no number Cub Cadet with the second short block.That Cadet easily has 4000 hours on it. I am looking for advice on Onan, and after reading some of the experts,it looks like a rebuild is something I need to consider.
These Engines are from the last of the Wheel Horse Tractors after Toro bought them out. They are p series Onan.
There is an ingersoll Dealer 20 miles from me,and they actually offered to bring out a tractor to demonstrate. This tractor was a brand new one right from the distributor in Greenville Ohio.
You don't get that at a big box store..
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Welcome to the forum,darkeco.

Glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:
Thanks for joining. It won't be long before you own a few Case/Ingys...
You have some really fine, old-iron in your collection. Nice to have you drop by and join our group. The Ingersoll name did not appear solely on these tractors until 1987. Therefore, anything badged as Ingersoll is relatively new. The Case badged tractors go back to 1965, shortly after your "Original" left the factory by a couple of years.

In a way, there are some parallels between the Cub and the Case tractors. From 1965 to 1977, the traditional Desert Sunset and Red color scheme was the order of the day but in 1977 the Desert Sunset paint was dropped. Sorta like the signature yellow/white of the early Cubs and the red series Cubs built at the end of the true Cub period. The Wheelhorse tractors are legendary and it's a damn shame that the line has died. It's tough to compete in a world that throws things away rather than repair them.

Please check out our Technical area. We have a lot of interesting reading in the FAQ's that should give you a head start on tractor knowledge. The forums speak for themselves when it comes to content.

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Welcome to the site Darkeco, we're glad you joined! :usa: :usa: :usa: You've come to the right place! :thumbsup: Please feel at home, we have a great group of knowlegeable and helpful members on the site.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Welcome Darkeco, this site has the best info, and a lot of it.

Best regards, George
Welcome, darkeco.
Greenville...birthplace of Johnny Paycheck (he was Don Lytle then) and home to the Case tractor of mixers...Kitchen Aid...I brought them a load of power cords one time.
Dave Beiter from our group is trying to get some of us Buckeyes to bring our iron out to the show in Sugar Creek on May 14th, and I plan to be there. Sounds like an opportunity to check out some Case tractors in person if you're able to come, and we're always happy to share some info for future Caseaholics like yourself. :wink:
Hello, there DarkeCo!!! Yes, I am trying to get as many people in Ohio addicted as possible!!.. Have you ever been to the tractor show there in Greenville?? This year they are featuring Case, so if you cannot make it to Sugarcreek, head on out to your beatuiful fairgrounds and check out what they have there!! I won't be able to make it to that show (have to go to a wedding...) bu I am sure there will be several Case/ Ingy tractors there..
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