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Thanks Bill,
I don't see any problems either then!
I'm a mid 30's father of four boys under 5, started with my 220 (AKA lil220 in other areas), then found another local C/I guy, bought his 444, sold the 220 and that's where I'm at now. Really appreciate the tractor, not yet a collector, more of a user. Hope to get a cosmetic freshening on my old 444 soon. Mechanically it's still in great shape, just not the looker it once was.
Wife rolls her eyes when I talk about it, but she's accepted it now. I explained the wonderment of using an explosion to pressurize a liquid that I can command at my will to cut my grass and plow my drive. All with a machine that is older than me.

Growing up, Neighbor had a 70's 4XX, and I never thought it was anything special. Now after a little over a year of Case ownership I know better.

Eric in PA

(went with Old Abe because a 446 is in my future, and I learned that lil ol 220 may evolve into lil ol 444, etc and I don't want to confuse myself)

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Haven't seen you in a while, glad you made it over here! Though I am sad to tell you there still is no cure for the sickness you suffer from. :thumbsup:

Congrats on your fourth!!!! It's funny how the priorities get realigned with eash new addition. :trink:

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old abe said:
:446: :roll: :222: :roll: :446: :roll: :222: :roll: :446: :roll: :222: :roll: :446: :roll: :222:

I hope that I can find the support here that I need
Welcome Eric! You will get the help you need here. :thumbup: GT looks pretty darn nice in your Avatar. I have the eagle label in my office and I am still debating where to put it-decisions! Look forward to talking with you on the site! :222: :446: Best regards, Rich
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