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hey from il.

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Yea -I'm lousy at computing,I've posted here in the past,but never introduced myself,my names kyle and I reside in northern Illinois,I currently own a 76-224 and a 86-226, love to learn about repairing and upgrading them,currently working on the 224,thats how I came across this site,always looking for info on these,going by what i've already seen here,I think I've found the site I've been looking for,thanks for the opportunity to learn,Kyle
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You've come to the right place! More info about CCI GT's here than you can shake a stick at. :lol: If you can't find it here, ask and there's always someone around to help you out. :thumbsup:

Kyle,welcome to the forum.Glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:
Kyle: Welcome to the site we're glad you joined! Don't worry about the computer, you'll learn, we have all been there. This is the best site for CCI tractors, more valuable info and help here than anywhere else. So please feel at home here, we have a great membership. Be sure to visit the comprehensive Technical Library and Tractor FAQs. There are also FAQs up top on utilizing the many features of the site. For pure reading pleasure, a must, please visit our History section on the Home Page. We look forward to talking with you on the site!
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Thanks rich,will do as suggested,was tring to load a couple pictures
"like for two hours" but didnt work for me,wont give up-I'll read more about it this evening, meantime got to get some work done,c-ya kyle.
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