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Hi from the Badger State

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Hello from the Badger State.
Hydriv steered me over here.
Lot of good info over here.
My yard is quit red with Masseys and Snappers but Case is near and dear as well. I grow up on a farm with a VAC, D, and 400 diesel. When the 400 got too small dad bought an MF 1100. Man, 95 HP we thought we had the world by the @$$.

My current project is an articulated 4 wheel drive based off the MF 1855 GT. It will be badged a 4855 because it is 4 wheel drive with 8 tires base off the 55 Series GT. A 3 cylinder Yanmar TK 373 drive a drop box that drives the 2 Sunstrand/Peerless axles.

Not done yet but I took it to the Arkansaw WI show because a lot of people wanted to get a look at it. Here is a Vid take at the show.
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Hey Ducky,you got 'er posted.
Like I said before,welcome to the forum,glad to have you over here.

Maynard :canada:
Awesome tractor there Ducky and welcome to the site. :wave:
Welcome to the site Ducky! :usa: :usa: :usa: Neat tractor in the video!
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
shouldve taken a picture of yourself on the 648 so you can say you still have a case
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