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Holding Valves

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My apologies up front if this question has already been asked in this forum, but are holding valves for the older Case tractors compatible across the years and models? I have a '78 446 and am flirting with the idea of purchasing a used holding valve but would like to know if say a holding valve from a '82 222 is compatible with my machine. Also, what's a decent price for a good used holding valve?

Thanks for your assistance!
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There are two options for holding valves--one is an add on unit that attaches to the drive motor and the other is to install a travel control valve with the holding feature built in.

The add-on holding valves should work on any model but it is important when you purchase one that it includes all of the necessary hydraulic tubes or you will have a lot more difficulty installing it.

Installing a new travel control valve involves moving the location of the valve slightly and tweaking the tubes a bit to fit but is not terribly complicated.

The stand alone holding valves generally sell in the $200 range and the travel control valve with the integrating holding valve run $250-300.
Thanks Bart. I was leaning towards the add-on holding valve and have seen a few on ebay. Appreciate the information!

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