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homemade muffler

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Here's some pics of the muffler I made for my '74-444. I have it, along with the engine from the '74 installed in the '76-444. I know it's not correct but used material that I had at hand. Personally, I like it better than the oval, the oval is too bulky looking for my tastes.

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It looks good.
I'm glad your keeping it running!
How does it sound?

Did you use stainless? If so, how did you punch all those holes in the pipe?
I used stainless, scrap I rounded up at work. I put the holes in with a drill press and a 1/4" bit. 24 in the inlet section, went straight thru with the bit , gives me total of 48 holes. Did the same on outlet section, total of 96 holes. The baffle between the two sections was a piece from inside the holesaw when I drilled the end plates. Used a chop saw to cut halfway thru the internal pipe, inserted the disc in the slot and tig'ed it up. It sounded fairly quiet until I mounted the blade. Sounds pretty throaty bouncing back at me. I contemplated filling the 1/4" hole form the pilot bit in the baffle. I ended up leaving it, but believe that's the major source of the noise. I can still reach it with a stainless stick welding rod if it really gets on my nerves.
That is one of the best home made mufflers I've ever seen. If you had just shown me the last picture I would have believed you bought it somewhere.

So when are you going into production on a 446 muffler? :lol: :lol: :lol:
Billygoat - I like it! :thumbup: It's more streamline that's for sure. Had you thought of taking your original muffler to a muffler shop and asking if they had a muffler that was as close as possible to the original? The reason I ask is didn't I read about someone doing that either here or on another forum? I don't member the outcome however. I still have the stock muffler on my '73 222 and thought that if it ever went south on me I would ask a muffler shop the question I just posed to see if a reproduction could be made.

I know you made a comment regarding this new one you like better than the old one and I've heard others complain about how bad the original mufflers look on that era tractor. Yes, I will admit that when I saw my new to me 222 for the first time I was thinking "Is that really the stock muffler?" Once I realize that was indeed the stock muffler I felt it really a part of the tractor. The more I looked at it the more I liked it if that makes any sense?

Thanks for the compliments ya'll. I do have all the dimensions to make a stock looking muffler and may do so down the road. That was my original plan, but couldn't come up with the material fast enough to get this 444 rolling again. I have checked with the local shops and looked around online to find a replacement but to no avail. Yeah KBear, I know what you mean, sometimes when something is the right thing, the beauty will grow on you. Maybe if the old original wasn't so rusted out (along with the rest of the tractor) I probably wouldn't have been taken aback with it. :lol:
I very much doubt that anyone will find a muffler such as the one used by Case in those a local muffler shop. The can is much too short for a car muffler and the size of the inlet and outlet pipes are far smaller than what cars use.
That's correct. I have found "turbo" mufflers that have a body size that's close. By the time one reduces a 3" inlet to 1 3/8" it would look pretty rough.
I love that muffler I am looking for one for my 444 now I like the look my tractor looks just like yours but I wouldnt trade it for anything I have a pepper pot on it now and its very annoying
great job
That is a good looking muffler you built,I like it.

Maynard :canada:
Very nice BG! Awesome job! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
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