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As most of you members know, I recently went right through my 220 and brought it back to life again. One of the last things left on it is the hood decals. The OEM decals are NLA from the dealer so that has left me at a dead end as of right now. There is a few things in the works with Maple Hunter but I cannot just hold on and wait and wait. I was toying with the idea of changing the hood decal to something a little bit diffferent then what was on there from the factory. Below is a picture (thanks Johnathan) of what the OEM decals looked like on my tractor from 1986. I need the groups input on this now. How would my tractor look with that same style decal but without the yellow stripe and the white changed to silver? I painted my wheels silver instead of white which is the main reason for changing out the color in the decal. I have two brand new INGERSOLL decals that are in silver with the black border already and I was going to make the matching model number and use that. The decals I have are the ones found on rear seats and some of the snowcasters and tillers.

So basically I just want some input on what would look better because frankly, I cant decide. I like both but if I choose the OEM look then I may end up painting my wheels white. For what it is worth, the decals on my plow and snowcaster are the silver and black and that alone is got me on the fence.

Here is the decal that belongs on my tractor: Again, thanks Jon for posting the picture in your thread.

Here is the decals that I managed to pull off the hood along with the new silver and black Ingersoll decal. As you can see the new silver/black Ingersoll decal is a little bit bigger.

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