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Hello all,

I am starting to make some upgrades to the hydraulic system adding a holding valve and selector valve. I will post more on some of that in another post.

While I have everything down I will replace the hydraulic lines to/ from the reservoir / cooler.

I have the hoses (oil and temperature rated). So before I dig in I am looking to any tips on replacing the long line and the large one on the reservoir. Right now I can't even see the large hose. It looks like I will need to pull the battery tray to even get in there. Any other tips would be appreciated before I make a mess of things I also need to find some new clamps either T-bar or constant torque. Anyone have tips on sources beyond Mcmaster Carr?

I really need to minimize down time this time of year in case of snow... :smile:

Thanks in advance

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Good local hydraulics shops should have the T Bar clamps. Ingersoll has recently started using these and made a BIG difference in early life drippers. I'm watching hopefully as a few tractors we have in service begin to age ... quite optimistic.

I've not located aftermarket constant tension clamps that I thought would be suitable. Considered some from the automotive OEMs, but those cooling and P/S return systems rarely have much pressure them. You'll see 200+ PSI in cold conditions on the return side of a Case/Ingersoll.

What is the config of your tractor? Front mounted hydraulic reservoid, or resv at the steering tower?

If a tower mounted resv., there will be a formed hose feeding the pump. I'm sure someone has fab'd that inlet to save a few $$$, but the right approach is a replacement OEM hose ... properly formed and reinforced. We could probably have it to you in a few days (need your PIN and P/N to confirm).

The inlet hose to the pump must be a suction hose (internally reinforce) ... a common return hose rated to 300 PSI will collapse under pump suction.

If your return side hose is rated to 300PSI Oil, you should be good to go there.

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