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So the saga continues on to another forum. Here's what I've figured out so far:

Now I am getting to the scary stuff. CUSTOM FABRICATION! I mocked up the bracket I will need to mate the hydraulic motor to the snowblower. After I get this built I am going to order the Universal Quick attachment plate and weld that to the bracket. That way I can take the bracket adapter off and still use the snowblower on a regular garden tractor (just incase I have to sell it).

I don't know how to cut, bend, shape, or weld metal. So I was thinking of taking this to a metal shop and having them make it. How bad will I get laughed at for brining in this arts and crafts project? Or is this a normal thing they have seen before? What gauge metal should I be working with. Then the big question, how much do you think it will cost.

Here are some pics of the mock up.

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