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I am alive

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Hi Fellow Case freaks...
Wow what a ride this has been..... One more semester and I am done college... Woooo [email protected]#$in HOOOOO...
My Case Elves that were supposed to finish my tractor walked out on strike due to lack of pay, and the issue is still up in the air..
Well all I can say is that I am starting again tonight on it and will finally start posting pics of the progress..
I decided to keep my Johnson loader and just recd plans to build a backhoe...
Just want to let you peeps know that back hoe plans are the most complete plans I have ever seen. If you are like me and dont like to waste anything these are the plans you need.
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Welcome back, Greg. I look forward to seeing a full picture coverage of your backhoe build in the Workshop forum. :thumbsup:
Hi Greg. Welcome back.

You gonna get that Berco 2 stage for this season? :mrgreen:
k0jdd said:
Hi Greg. Welcome back.

You gonna get that Berco 2 stage for this season? :mrgreen:
Yes I have a Berco 2 stage BUT it is on a Cub Cadet.. I bought a complete tractor with a 2 year old Berco on it for 1200.00 I couldn't go wrong.
Now I have my Case to do what I want to do to it... Loader and backhoe...
Greg: Welcome back! :usa: :usa: :usa: Look forward to your progress on FEL/BH.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
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