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I got my first ingersoll

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My name is Kenneth, and im from Denmark/Europe

Just got my first Ingersoll 3021 GT , and i must say it is the best garden tractor i have ever owned :usa:

Can someone in here tell me about the 3021 Gt model, i can´t find much about it on the net ?

I look forward to be in this forum, it´s a nice way to get help :thumbup:

best reguards

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Welcome to the group Kenneth.

The 3021 is a very new model and the factory has released precious little information about it. However, the new models are very similar to the models that preceded the one you own. The entire line of tractors has been based on the patented hydraulic drive system going back to 1962. Over the years, improvements to the frame design and other parts have been made but there has not been anything all that radical. What you read on this site in the Tech Library that pertains to the old Colt tractors, the later Case-branded tractors and then the Ingersoll-branded tractors will mostly apply to your tractor. This site has the most comprehensive library of information about the entire lineage to be found anywhere on the internet.

Whatever questions you have, some of the answers may be found in the FAQ's section. Other questions can be asked in the main forum. If you do not have an Operator's Manual for your tractor, then that would be an excellent place to start. One of our dealers can sell you that manual and send it by mail.
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Hello Kenneth,

Welcome. I've not seen a newer model 3000 series Ingersoll tractor, the factory website does not list their availability. Please post a picture!

Welcome Kenneth,glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:

Velkommen til forummet.
Det er rart at have et medlem fra sådan et vidunderligt land.
Nej, jeg taler ikke dansk, jeg snød ved at bruge Google oversætter.

Kenneth: Welcome to the group, we're glad you joined! :usa: :usa: :usa: Very exciting to see another member from across the Atlantic! Please feel at home here, we have a great membership with many friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable folks. Congratulations on your new tractor and look forward to seeing some pictures!
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
k0jdd said:

Velkommen til forummet.
Det er rart at have et medlem fra sådan et vidunderligt land.
Nej, jeg taler ikke dansk, jeg snød ved at bruge Google oversætter.

What he said :lol: :lol:
Welcome to the site! We're all looking forwards to pics of that machine. Needless to say, there's not much on the technical stuff for that specific tractor, but a lot of good reading anyway. As Hydriv said, there are lots that are common to these machines all the way back to the Colt days.
k0jdd said:

Velkommen til forummet.
Det er rart at have et medlem fra sådan et vidunderligt land.
Nej, jeg taler ikke dansk, jeg snød ved at bruge Google oversætter.

Welcome to the forum.
It's nice to have a member from such a wonderful country.
No, I do not speak Danish, I cheated by using Google translator
Hi again !

I will post a picture of my 3021 GT soon :grin:

John :thumbup:

And thx for the welcome from all of you

and besides, it is with a Briggs & Stratton 21 hp engine V2 :smile:
Here is the gallery tutorial for adding pictures to your own personal gallery and posting them. :thumbsup:

Kenneth, welcome aboard.

This is quite an interesting machine to find in Europe and I am betting an interesting story of how it got there.

Would you also please post the serial number for your tractor?

When and how did you come to acquire it? What equipment/attachments did you get with it? Did you buy it new or used off a local or transplant from the USA?

The 3021 was available for a few years around '04-'06 and then went out of production for a few years. Now it is again available new.

Welcome aboard.

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hello again

I have put pictures in my profile of my Ingersoll 3021 GT

hope you like what you see

You are welcome to comment further

Kenneth from Denmark :smile:

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Thanks for the photos but how about some answers to the questions posed by members above. :thumbsup:
I bought it from a private seller here in Denmark who had Danish connections in usa

it was sent from USA to Denmark in order

seller I bought it from had a private garden company that he no longer wished to continue

Therefore, he sold all his machines and I was lucky to get this one machine

I needed a machine that could withstand anything more than the European models could

use it only for grass mowing and perhaps also for snow removal this winter

it cost $ 9500 from new, according to the receipt Danish price

have only seen one here in Denmark Ingersoll beyond my own
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I love it ... a 3021 Power Steering with an RM48 mower deck ... very nice tractor and should serve well for decades to come, when well cared for.

Please post the tractor serial number off the frame near the left foot rest. We'll want to learn more about this one, just for the novelty of how the story unfolds.

I can see that this should be a Winneconne, Wisconsin built tractor ... it lacks the annoying (but useful in the US court system and necessary for some operators) PTO reverse cut out circuit and override switch.


Here is the data :

Winneconne, Winsconsin 54986 U.S.A

Model No. 3021 PS

PIN. *7194250*

Best regards :wave:

Kenneth / Denmark
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That is a beautiful machine you have there. Take care of it and it will take care of you
Many thanks for your kind words

It also runs just perfect

Does everyone have the answers to their questions now?

Otherwise, just ask :wink:

Best regards

Kenneth/Denmark :thumbup:
Your new baby was born 30Sept2003 at Winneconne, Wisconsin.

There is unusually slim data in Ingersoll's records, for this tractor. Not even the purchasing distributor is identified ... so perhaps it originally went to Europe as part of the Rothenberger company's global export initiatives.

The registered dealer for this tractor is "Topico of Belgium" ... which means nothing to me and doesn't hit much on the internet.

Certainly hope you enjoy it and it serves you well ... enjoy learning and asking more through this forum ...

As an aside, we do ship parts international, so don't hesitate to ask when necessary.

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