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I agree with dundee222 ... you'll want to remove the crankshaft to clean it up and measure it. It's not that difficult to remove but will require buying, renting, borrowing, and/or making some puller tools to remove the flywheel & timing gear.

I prefer to use lye (heavy duty oven cleaner) to remove aluminum from crankshafts. I think it takes a little longer than muriatic acid but the fumes aren't quite as bad. Still want to use in a well ventilated area though. And if you do go with acid, be careful where you store it. Years ago I left a bottle of muriatic acid in a shed ... not sure if the cap wasn't tight or if the container wasn't completely sealed, but a few days later I noticed that fumes from the acid had caused some light surface rust to form on some shovels and other tools in there.

Measuring the crankshaft journals & cylinders and comparing them to the specs / wear tolerances in the manual will let you know if you can get away with simply replacing the rods, honing the cylinders, and putting in new rings. Or if you'll have to have the crank journals ground for undersize rods and/or have the cylinders bored for oversize pistons/rings.

I second your caution regarding muriatic acid. I was using it for rust removal and left a small amount in a container uncapped........... found out how quickly some nearby hand tools could rust.

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