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I'm silvertogold and I'm a Case junkie :sidelaugh:

I joined earlier this year right after I acquired my 1973 Case 644

With help and support from all my new support group friends here on this forum, I have a become officially addicted to Case tractors :trink:

I'm located in Minnesota, north of the twin cities about 45 minutes.

EDITED by Hilda

because the word "case" begins with a capital C.

All Case junkies are required to show respect for the brand. :sidelaugh:

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Silver to Gold: We're glad your here on the Forum. :usa: :usa: :usa: By the way your 644 is sweet. So anyhow, officially welcome to the site and we hope you find continued enjoyment and learning on the site and most importantly increasing numbers of CCI tractors populating your garage. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich

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Hi!!! :wave:

Welcome to CCI.... here's my version of the Case 12 step program...

1. 220 or 3010 :rockon:
2. 222 or 3012 :rockon:
3. 224 or 3014
4. 226 or 3018
5. 442
6. 444 or 4014 :rockon:
7. 446 or 4016
8. 448 or 4018
9. 644
10. 646
11. 648 or 6018
12. 4120PS

I got three so far (indicated by Mr. :rockon: ) so I'm on my way to Case recovery. :thumbsup:

I know there are other models, but one can't really over do it, can they? :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:
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