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im new and just saying hi

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hi my name is Garrick Grassett i am in the process of restoring a 1965 case model 130 lawn tractor. i do need a few parts and i was told to come to case mecca. hope someone in case land can help me. thanks again Garrick
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Hey, Garrick, welcome!

You can post a want ad in the "For Sale+Trade" forum, and tell us where you're from, too.
Garrick: Welcome to the site, we're glad you joined! You will get the help you need here. We have two dealers associated with the site that can provide parts and also member Steve Guider (horton20) has hard to find parts for the older Case tractors. Please feel at home here. Be sure to take a look at the Technical Library/Tractor FAQs and there are also FAQs up top on how to use the many features of the site. There is also a restoration sub-forum and also sub-forums for the various different engines.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Dealer Link ... 0.docx.pdf
Welcome to the forum. This link will take you to the Service Manual section of the Technical Library where you will find a separate section that contains all of the Service Manuals for the 130/180 Case tractors including one for STEERING.

In the Parts Manual section, you will find the original parts manual for your tractor and in the Operator's Manuals section, we have the original manual that covers the 130 and 180.

You have not stated what is wrong with your steering box but all of the parts are available to rebuild it. Ross boxes were used in quite a few GT's in the 60's.
Garrick,welcome to the forum.Glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:
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