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Q. What do you do with my information?

A. Your email address is used only for confirming your registration and password. And sending new passwords if you forget.

Q. Will you release or share any personal info?

A. We will not release or share any member info without a Court Order and the FBI appears at our house.

Q. What about Private Messages?

A. We do not monitor PMs nor do we have access to them. Private Message means just that. It is private to everyone except the Sender and the Recipient. However, we will still investigate all allegations of PM abuse. No insults, personal attacks allowed.

Q. What about cookies?

A. The Forum system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. It does not contain any info about you.

Q. Why do we require image attachments to be stored elsewhere and attached by link?

A. Photos and Videos eat up huge amounts of bandwidth. By having them hosted elsewhere we do not use up our own bandwidth.

Q. Why do you not allow Signatures?

A. We hate them. They get old very fast and some of them are just plain stupid.

Q. Why do you not allow animated avatars?

A. They eat up our bandwidth, and we hate them more than Signatures.

Q. Do you hate anything more than Signatures and animated avatars?

A. Yes- Ditto smilies.


Is there a way to edit my profile ? I see that I didn't include where I live


Click on User Control Panel in the upper right hand corner of any page, then click on "profile" which will be a link on the left under Options.


Why does my computer not display the correct time when using this site?


It was recently brought to my attention that the time settings were wrong for the forum. After a little research I discovered that there is an option for it in everyones individual profile.

In order for the posting times to be correct everyone will need to check the Daylight Savings Time (DST) option in their control panel.

To do that:

In the upper right corner of your screen you'll see a link to "User Control Panel". Click it.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a link to "Board Preferences" Click it.

Towards the bottom of that menu you will see "Summer Time/DST is in effect:" Check the box and hit submit.

You can also adjust your individual time zone in there. By default the forum is set on EST.


Does this site have a place for members to chat "Live"?


In order to enter the chatroom click on the link titled "mini-chat" in the link bar at the top of the forum. Please keep the language "clean". :lol:


Would someone explain how to view the pictures in the gallery ?

I can't find anything but recent one's. :headscratcher:


Click on Gallery
Click on Users personal Gallery ( upper left corner )
Click on your choice of whose pictures you want to look at.


Would you please explain the meaning behind the names I see under screen names such as "Rookie" or "Learner's Permit".


We developed them on a tongue-in-cheek basis to indicate different levels of post counts. In truth, they have no meaning as far as status goes. Everyone here is on a level playing field whether they have one post or one thousand posts. It's not how many posts you have that counts but rather what you say in those posts that has real merit.

Here are the forum ranks and the number of posts you need to reach them.

Rookie 0 - 49 posts

Learners Permit 50 - 99 posts

Case Junkie 100 - 499 posts

Tractorholic 500 - 999 posts

Needs Counselling 1000 - 1999 posts

If you hit 2000 posts you can PM me and pick your own title.



How do I get sent PM messages released from my Outbox. Currently have two stuck in there.


PM's are not really "stuck" in the Outbox.

PM's created by you will stay in your Outbox until the person you sent them to clicks on their PM box and opens your PM. When they open it, then the PM will leave your Outbox and this tells you that your message got through to them.

Old PM's can be removed by clicking on the "Mark" box on the far right of the message to put a checkmark there. Then scroll to the bottom of the PM list and find the box that says "Mark/Unmark as important". Click on THOSE words and you will see a drop-down box appear that says "Delete marked".

Click on those words to set what action you wish to take and then click on "GO" in the box to the right. You will get a second chance to change your mind about deleting them but if you choose "Go" a second time, the PM's you checked off are gone for good.


I see that some members show where they reside, in the box where their screen name is. How do I do that?


We ENCOURAGE all members to show that information. Many members have not taken the opportunity to create a profile when they first joined the site. It's really simple, just go to the "User Control Panel" link in the upper right side of this page and click on it, hit profile, fill in what you are comfortable with and hit submit and that's it! In addition to other features of the profile, by having an idea where members live you can help each other out or if a member is going on a trip through your area that person may want to contact you to meet up in person. It may also serve as a heads up for other members to alert you to a good buy on a GT in your area, or the purchase of parts. You may be surprised how many members may not always post but will PM to help a fellow member out. Filling out your profile also prevents unnecessary posts that ask where you live when buying, selling or trading stuff.
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