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I admit that I'm guessing but it is possibly a 316 or 318.

Nice unit but these are true hydrostatic drive models. Therefore, you have no ability for powering hydraulic tillers, baggers, splitters, chipper/shredders etc.

No photo of the trailer so who knows what that's all about?

You would have to go see this one in person and make up your own mind on value. It all comes down to whether you need a true GT or a high quality lawn/yard tractor to blow snow, cut grass etc. The guy over on MTF loves his unit.

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Yes, that is an LGT ... can't make out 316 or 318.

Either way, these are outstanding little tractors and make terrific lawn mowers and snowblowers. As noted ... not the garden tractor and not hydraulic powered.

This will have a 44" deck, foot pedal travel control, and a nice, heavy hydrostatic rear axle. Similar frame and all steel construction as the other Ingersolls.

Hard to say what the trailer is, but $2000 isn't bad for this machine, IMHO, if the condition checks out.

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