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Hi there,

Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong category. This is my first time posting on here. I do see there is a classified section but since I have yet to figure out how much I want to sell this for, I thought this was the appropriate place for those knowledgable enough to help me figure that out.

I have an Ingersoll 3016 tractor.
16HP, 2 speed hydraulic with Briggs & Stratton Vangaurd Motor #303447.

RM44" Mower Deck
48" Snowblower with Snow Cab
Chains & Weights
Pull Behind Wagon
Tine De-thatcher Attachment
Rotor-tilling Attachment

I have all the manuals, receipts and maintenance records. It was last serviced 6/2019 with new plugs, gas filter, air filter, with oil change and filter. I also replaced the snow blower belt 10/2019. I take pride in taking great care of my belongings and gave them the utmost care.

For those knowledge about this tractor and attachments, if you were to sell EVERYTHING LISTED, what would your asking price be?

If you were to sell just the tractor, mower, snowblower and cab, what would your asking price be?

What would you sell the wagon, tine de-thatcher, and rotor-tilling attachments separately?

I have consulted with a couple local tractor/lawn mower businesses and my last bit of research is posting here to see if it falls in line with the estimates already suggested.

Thank you for your time!

Photos are attached. More available on request. Don't have any other "just mower" ones at the moment.


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