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Ingersoll 6018 Santa came late!!!

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Today I found this Ingersoll 6018 with about 500 hours on it. Came with wheel weights, rear pto, three point hitch and 4' Ingersoll tow behing brush hog. Needs some fine tuning but it is an great shape overall. Brush hog was used for a couple of hours and I believe him as the paint is still 99% underneath. All for $700. I sure hope I didnt pay too much. :sidelaugh: Does anyone have any idea of what the brush hog is worth. I am thinking of selling it to recover some of my investment but I have no idea of where to start. I finally found a decent tractor to start with.

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$700? You can't be serious!!

You could probably sell the hydra cutter for more than you paid for the entire package.
You didn't buy it, you stole it. That package for 700, I wouldn't even ask if it ran.
Call the police.....there is a thief in here! :sidelaugh:
Welcome to the site by the way!. Where ya' located, that info alone will help you get rid of that pathetic tow behind. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:

You just joined our site, made your very first post and managed to piss off 1450 plus members immediately with that purchase. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: I think that is about the fastest I have seen anyone accomplish that feat.

A brand new rough cut mower would cost about $2200.00 at the dealer, if you could manage to find one. If I had one that has only a few hours on it, I'd be asking $1500.00 for it and then see what offers I got.

As for the 6018 with the weights, hitch and rear PTO... I think that most members would agree that $4000.00 for a 500 hour machine wouldn't be too out of line. Does that give you some idea as to what kind of super deal you lucked into? This is like digging in the back yard of a house you just bought and finding an old jar filled with cash. We have members here that wouldn't even dare to dream about getting a deal like that because it is so remote.

Welcome to the forum. :thumbsup:
1. Welcome
2 Congrats on the purchase
3. I hate you.
4. Just kidding (maybe)

That's one hell of a deal. I hope you realize that.
Dang!!!! I want YOUR santa to deliver to me.......... Just to be fair and to let ya make a couple of bucks... I will give you $800.00 for the package..... :sidelaugh:
Thanks guys, I took the afternoon off from work to go get it. It was well worth it. I think I will try starting the hydra cutter (brush hog) out at $800 and see if I get any bites. I think $1200 may be a stretch up here in Maine. I figure it has to be worth something. These deals do not come along every day. It wil be the perfect machine for my property.
Nice score!
Looks like a 94-97 model year.
Take a little time to think about the hydracutter. Unless you absolutely, positively do not need it, getting rid of it too soon may be something you regret later. Keep it protected from the elements and it will not lose value. If you decide to part with it, spring/summer might be a better time to get your best offers.
Meanwhile, change the fluids.
I agree. Unless you are 100% sure that there are no rough fields in your future to cut, then don't be too hasty in selling off the Hydracutter. Also....should you decide to let it go, don't just advertise it locally. Put it into Craigslist for adjoining states to the south and west of you. The Hydracutters don't come on the used market all that often, especially in the condition yours is in. I have seen some pretty rough units on e-Bay have no problem fetching $800.00. The very least I would take is a grand. Clean it up with a power washer and put photos of it in the listing showing the top and the underside of the deck. When something like this that is a hard-to-find attachment comes along in that kind of condition, Buyers will drive many miles to retrieve it. Anyone who has owned one of those mowers has raved about them so they are not a tough sell to the "informed". :thumbsup:
HOLY !#*% what a great deal! :trink: :thumbsup: :gums:I thought my 648 for $1500 was a steal! :speechless: I am happy for you and hate you at the same time!!! :shock: Where on earth did you find such a deal?I search the local(Maine) ads 3-4 times a day and somehow missed this.I know of 1 Hydracutter in roughly the same shape that sold locally for $1000 in just 2 days.Clean that thing up and wait 'til spring and you will get a grand for it in a heartbeat! :clap: Welcome to the will find the help,advice,banter and manuals to be both indispensable and enjoyable. :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :gums: :usa:
1. Welcome
2 Congrats on the purchase
3. I hate you.
4. Just kidding (maybe)
1. Welcome
2 Congrats on the purchase
3. I hate you.
4. Not kidding (Seriously!)

:sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:
1. Welcome
2 Congrats on the purchase
3. I hate you.
4. Not Kidding

Welcome to the site Jalexander, we're glad your here! Congratulations of the 6018, you have definitely started at the top! :usa: :usa: :usa: If word got out on this loader here beforehand, I think we would have been like the Road Warrior Movie converging on the owners house! LOL
Good luck with the new machine! :thumbsup: I think I would be cracking some fine German beers on that score tonight! :drinkbuddies: :drinkbuddies: :drinkbuddies:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Congratulations. That's just the set up I'm looking for to replace a larger CUT. That has got to be a one in a million find at that price. You're very fortunate to be the new owner. I'd sart the new year celbration a tad early. :trink:
I just threw up......I'm going to need to lay down and let this story sink in..... WOW!!!
The part thats making me sick the most is that he found it in MAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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