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Hi, My name is Dave. I live in Logansport, Indiana. I am a retired Tool & Die/ Mold-maker. Got interested in building a homemade compact tractor. Forgot that I had a Colt Rancher in the pole barn. Bought a long time ago with the idea of fixing it up. I have a home machine shop, CNC mill ect.
After checking out different posts here, I am excited about the Colt tractor. Will work on it soon. Have older mid 60's Sears 18 hp tractors, also 2 Gravely's :usa: . Thanks for making me feel welcome.
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I'm pleased that you accepted my personal invitation to join here because I believe that this site can help you a lot with your Colt. We have some of the foremost Colt collectors as members here but getting them to post sometimes is a bit of a chore. However, there are several other members here that also know one or two things about the brand that began it all for Case and then Ingersoll.

Thanks for starting your thread in the Restorations forum. It's been a slow day here so far but shortly you will begin to see the members appearing and posting. In the meantime, take a good look around. The site is a mere 3 weeks old and it will get even better in the next month or two.

Try to get some good photos of your Colt taken from all four sides. Nice square-on shots with a digital camera that has a flash. If you do not know how to post them here, then send me a PM or an e-mail.

Dave: Welcome to the site! :trink: We are glad that you're here! Please feel at home and enjoy the site! :thumbup: :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Welcome Dave,glad to see you here .

Maynard :canada:
Welcome Dave, Good to see more southern Ind. guys here. This is the best site for good, direct to the point info that I have seen. I am not too familiar with the brand so far, I have one Ingersoll 3014, but am learning a lot.

Enjoy! George
Sorry Dave, I was thinking about Edwardsport, that old age thing I guess, welcome anyway, at least your still in Indiana.

regards. George
Welcome Dave, Cant wait to see pictures of your Colt.

You have found the BEST spot to be. Bob M W.Mich
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