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Date Listed 05-Jun-11
Price Please contact
Address Hubbards, NS, Canada

Have for sale MF 16GTX Garden Tractor. This was to be a project tractor for me. However, without a garage and the time, I am unable to get this off the ground. I would like to see this tractor go to someone who appreciates an older, all metal, heavy duty tractor. The good is, the tractor is complete, fully hydraulic, hydro rear end and deck lift, and with electric belt driven PTO. The downside, the16 hp Kohler Magnum engine needs to have the case welded. The case got cracked when the governor rod dropped, striking the crank web and cracking the case. An easy fix for the right person! The engine actually drives a hydraulic pump and has a hydraulic fluid cooler and filter. Cosmetically, the tractor needs paint and a new seat. Tractors like this one were made to last forever. Open to offers. Thanks for reading. Peter

Maynard :canada:

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mikebramel said:
a magnum is a flat twin

the block is four pieces. two cast iron jugs and a two piece aluminum crankcase. Easier to replace than repair.

Id think its worth 3-400
Is that what they put in those Massey's? For some reason, I thought they used the Command V-twin. I've never seen any info on them but a certain person is supposed to be sending me some. :sidelaugh:
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