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Put a meter on the system. Check first your ACTUAL draw with the lights on, then check generator output amps with both the lights on and off. Also check charging system voltage under load and without any extra draw [except the engine ignition.]
That up there ^^^ is good advice. There may or may not be an issue with the alternator or regulator and you need to rule it out.

Also, even if the battery is 'not that old' you need check it as well to rule it out as a problem. Batteries loose efficiency with age.


Where did you get your wattage numbers? The numbers you state seem really high for the situation as described.
LED and florescent lamps are often characterized by their incandescent equivalents. (e.g. "Same as a 40watt bulb") You should look up the specs for your lights to verify their actual wattage.

But lets assume your numbers are accurate.

Mathematically speaking, using the stated wattage's (54 Watts total) the amperage draw for these lights is approximately 4.22 amps assuming a 12.8 volt system.


I am running more than twice the wattage of lights that you are and have not had issues.
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