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K2 cab dimensions?

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Picking up a K2 this week :thumbsup:

Wondering if it wil fit inside my 4x6 covered trailer without disassembly? :headscratcher:

Do not see dimensions in the tech library - and I looked twice... :trink:

Max LxHxW dimensions will suffice if someone has a moment to post them.

Will take my tools with in any case.

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About the only position the cab can sit in when dismounted is upside down and it should be no higher than 4 ft from my estimate. You should have no difficulty putting it in a 4x6 trailer but you may want some straps to keep it from swaying around. Disassembling takes a couple of 7/16" wrenches and a cup to hold all the (many) bolts. If disassembled it will fit easily in the back of a SUV.
Broke it down into three pieces and packed it right into the SUV just like you said it would.

Did not call you as requested via PM because this guy wanted it out of there ASAP or else he was gonna break the deal.
Does anyone have details on how the rear mounting bracket spacers are to be oriented on a pre 1980 tractor with the lower fenders?

The operators/parts manual is not much help.

If someone has them mounted, can you post a picture of how they are supposed to be installed?
Is it a J2, a K2, or a composite?

I am looking at the Case Cab that I just scored. (Taken off of a 1992 Ingersoll 4020 PS-1)
I can't quite decide what it is. :headscratcher: My guess is that it is a composite of sorts.

  • It has the sliding doors like a J2.[/*:m:27amgocf]
  • It has a one piece rear mounting panel with the 3" vent hole in it like a K2.
    (However, someone has really butchered that up to fit it on the 4020 to their liking)[/*:m:27amgocf]

First question: Were there any early production K2's with sliding doors?

Second question: Are the overall J2/K2 dimensions the same so that (for example) I could retrofit hinged doors in place of the sliding panels if I can find them?

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