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Decided I wanted to get my 130 really purring - may even use it to do some light plowing this winter (IN doesn't get much snow). So, here's this history...
Was running rough, looks like the fuel lines and filter are about, well... 45 years old. So I replaced all lines, new filter. Still running rough. Pulled the carb and pump. Took apart, completely cleaned, parts checked for chips, excessive wear, etc. Everything in there looks really good, thankfully. Clean, and pretty tight.
Put it all back on, and started adjusting. Really touchy. Will idle beautifully, and run at WOT beautifully. But at about 1/5 throttle (around 1500 RPM or so), it will just stall, as if it's running out of fuel. If I turn the idle mixture up a bit too rich – rough idle – it solves the problem at 1500 RPM.
My next steps are to time and check valve lash. Anything else you'd all suggest I take a look at?

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