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I'm trying to determine if the carb I have is correct for my 82' 444 K321AS motor but can't find the numbers on the carb in any of the info in the tech library.

Could someone point me in the right direction please.

Numbers on carb: stamped in flange CA4505338, raised letters in body of casting 4547802 (I did find 45 053 38 in a Kohler manual as being for a K341 16hp)

K321 numbers: spec 60324, serial 12096014

My problem is I still can't get it to run right and have done a complete PM on everything per the manuals. This with the fact that the carb is a deep red and not case red, I'm thinking I might not have the correct carb, or it is jetted incorrectly for my k321.

Thanks for your help and a special thanks to mother nature for holding out on the snow until I get this fixed. :thumbup:
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