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K321 stator polarity

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Hi everyone,
I am bringing an old Case 444 back to life, currently rewiring. I have 2 wires coming off the stator, they are the same color. This may be a dumb question but does the polarity matter when I terminate them onto the positive and negative terminals of the rectifier? Thanks in advance for guidance, I have a wiring diagram, this is my first time rewiring a tractor...
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The stator output is AC so there is no polarity. The regulator blocks the wrong polarity of the AC and regulates the correct polarity output. The result is pulsating DC regulated to a maximum voltage of approximately 14.3 VDC and put into the electrical system thru the key switch when in the on position and engine running. Blocking the wrong polarity of the AC generates heat and the reason for the fins on the regulator. 馃槑
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Thank you sir, I very much appreciate the good info..
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