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Questions, questions and more questions.

1. Does the hour meter actually work?

2. Was it ever replaced?

3. Do you have ALL the invoices to show all the parts purchased for the rebuild?

4. Do you have ALL the invoices to show what the machine shop procedures were?

Telling me it was "rebuilt" two years ago means nothing. Proving that a true rebuild was done two years ago means a lot.

The asking price is $1500.00. I'd value the blade at $300.00 if the cutting edge is in good shape, the ski's are there and usable and nothing is bent.

The weights are worth $125.00 and the new 4 link chains $60.00. That's $485.00 in value. The question is the tractor. Is it worth $1015.00? If the engine got a proper rebuild, then in my opinion, the tractor is worth that much money. If not....then it's open for debate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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