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Recently the 12 HP Kohler on my 222 which I have owned for over 30 years quitted after about 2 hours of mowing. Upon inspection the head is blown. It has a large hole along with visible cracks. The head gasket was fine.

Here is where saved the day. They have the aftermarket head and the head gasket in stock. I received it in 1-1/2 days. Couple of hours later, the K301 fires right up and runs like a champ! I can't be any happier. The head and head gasket fits perfectly.

While the K301 had run very well in the past and always started on first crank, I think it was running lean and thus was running hot. So carburetor tuning is in order.

I just wanted to share some pictures and give a high praise and a strong recommendation. I have bought from them many times and have never been disappointed.


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