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First of all, you need to determine WHERE the problem lies. If you have a nice, dead flat concrete floor in your garage, then remove the bucket from the loader and measure the distance between the ends of the loader arms and the floor. Either your bucket is twisted or your loader arms are. Most likely, it is the arms....sad to say. Someone has tried to pry a big rock or a stump or a large chunk of concrete out of the ground by using one corner of the bucket.

When I built my first shop, I installed 4 anchor points in the poured concrete floor. They were U - shaped pieces of 3/4" steel bar stock that I welded to 12" lengths of channel. They allowed me to put a chain around the U-anchor and secure items to the floor. If it is a bent loader, then you need to find an anchor point like that...somewhere and then put a 20 ton air-powered bottle jack under the arm that sits lower. Using an air-powered bottle jack or even a floor jack will allow you to stay back out of harms way while pressure is slowly applied. You must be careful to not go too far or you will have the same problem but now on the other side. So take your time and check what you are getting in the way of results several times until the arms are even with the floor.

Some shops that work on heavy equipment have anchor points installed into their floors for occasions like this. And some of those shops have an overhead crane that can be used to pull the loader arm up while the floor anchor holds the opposite side. It all comes down to phoning around, explaining the problem and asking if they can fix it. Even if they don't have anchors in the floor, they can chain the one side to a big dozer or excavator and do it that way.

As oldfrank so rightly pointed out, some jobs need to be turned over to other people when you don't have the necessary tools.
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