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As for getting hot, I have worked with a few LED projects and with the cheaper LEDs they "burn out" quickly, a good quality LED doesn't produce heat or should be effected by high temps around it.

The problem is the lower quality LED will produce heat from the leads going into them and very slowly leak the inhert gas in them until they burn out. The dimming effect is the result of the inhert gas that is slowly leaking from them.

The expensive LED's use a more heat resistant plastic and stay brighter longer.

I guess the engine heat might quicken that process but the solution is add resistors to them to limit the flow of electricity to them but for primary lights, that decreases their brightness.

If one wanted to make their own homemade LED lights, might try Once in while you can get the traffic light LED's which are about the size of 1/4 inch round but the problem there you can only get them in red green and yellow.
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