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Gordy sounds like the same thing I have done over the years. I have compost bins for grass clippings leaves coffee grinds and ash from that fire pit in my pics. I spread that out on garden every year before winter and snow hits and then till it into soil. I started with a lot off shale and rocky soil at first but now it’s right where it needs to be.
It’s a longer process to get there without buying loads of topsoil but that’s how I did it.
Growing up Dad did the compost bin for 5-6 years then quit, easier just to direct bury the kitchen scraps between the rows or wider spaced plants.

My second garden is a no till "Back to Eden" type where you just keep piling on the grass, leaves and wood chips. Compost in place so to speak. Works great for squash, cucumbers, melons... The few weed that do start there are easily pulled from the lose mulch.

This was last summer, this closest plant is a butternut squash going crazy despite the evidence you can see of the deer pruning attempts. OH notice the lack of weeds 😁
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Back saver, cucumbers on a trellis made of concrete reinforcement mesh.
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141 - 142 of 142 Posts