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Lift lever system will not float.

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I've had my Case 446 for about 35 years. A couple of years ago a part from underneath fell off. A friend reinstalled it but since then the mower deck and snow thrower will not float. It remains rigid wherever it is set. I believe I am missing a part that regulates and allows the floating action. Can someone tell me what part it would be and where I can buy one? I'd really appreciate the help.
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Welcome Jim!

So when you push the lift lever all the way forward to the "float" position, does it spring back to the "hold" position on it's own (instead of staying in float)?

If so, I assume the part that fell off was probably the detent cover (reference number 17 on this diagram):

If that fell off, it likely allowed the balls (#16) and maybe even the springs (#19) to fall out. And without those parts in there, the lift control won't hold in the float position.

I think that detent cover and associated parts (springs & balls) stayed the same over many years, but to make sure you get the correct parts, use the PIN (aka serial number) from the plate on your tractor's dash to look up the appropriate parts manual available here at:
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