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I have a question regarding the lift plates for the 220 sleeve hitches: what is the difference between the C17219 and the C25382? i have no clue what model my sleeve hitch is, other than it is the shorter one for the 200 series. This plate was the only thing missing when I got the unit. are they interchangeable? my tractor this will be going on is a 1971/1972 model. :headscratcher:


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miles44 said:
does any one have a used one laying around? or know where i can find one? either new or used - or I can make it...
Sure, you could make your own. It's just a flat plate with a sequence of holes drilled in it for adjustments. I thought I read somewhere about drawings of that plate being available - maybe drawings on the Yahoo forum? If not, let me know and I'll get you the dimensions for the lift plate that came with my '73 222.

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