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Lithium. AGM & Lead Acid battery

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I am exploring an alternative battery type for my 4018. It seems like I have to replace the battery every year or two. Even thought it is kept in a heated shop Has anyone had experience with AGM or Lithium battery for your tractor.
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To add some opinion on batteries,

I've had quite a few types of tractors over the years,, and for the most part, 2 years is approx what I'm running on for battery change intervals.
Currently, I'm on my 3rd year on my 446 though. What's the difference? My 446 doesn't require a long crank, even if it's sat idle for quite awhile, and likely the biggest reason, every 4 months or so, I'll top off my battery with a standard charger. I thought I'd try that, versus a new battery every 2 years. So far, so good.
So, dump the long cranks, and periodically, top off your battery.
My batteries of choice are, typically the highest cold cranking amps I can find, 350 to 425.
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