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Lithium. AGM & Lead Acid battery

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I am exploring an alternative battery type for my 4018. It seems like I have to replace the battery every year or two. Even thought it is kept in a heated shop Has anyone had experience with AGM or Lithium battery for your tractor.
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AGM and Lithium batteries have significantly different charging and maintaining requirements than Flooded or SLA batteries. The OEM circuity in your tractor will probably not do a good job of charging or maintaining these batteries, and may in fact damage them.

Then there is the increased initial cost of these battery types.

Do your research before forking over your money.


Your SLA battery should be lasting longer than a 'year or two' unless it is of really low quality (i.e. super cheap) or if your use of it is outside the 'norm' (i.e. lots of full discharge cycles, leaving it discharged/unmaintained for long periods of time, etc...)

Q: Have you checked to see that your electrical system - especially the voltage regulator - is working correctly?

Q: Have you considered putting a battery maintainer on the tractor when not in use?

I have a maintainer on both of my tractors, on my car in storage, and on the battery for my trap thrower, and my sense is that battery life has increased on all of these...

One example - there are many others
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Our place is so hilly I had to get an AGM just to keep from having battery acid leaking.
AGM or just sealed and maintenance free? There is a difference.
If it is truly an AGM how did you modify the charging system?
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