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I also get about 2 years out of a GT battery. I've tried most of the brands. Temperature has a lot to do with battery life. I worked with the large lead acid batteries banks we used at Power Plants. The vendors data showed life declining over 77F. I had a Texas friend who moved to Colorado for about 10 years he was amazed at the increased length his batteries lasted. so I'm convinced the Texas summer heat is part of what kills my batteries.
So I must admit I am confused guys. My youngest battery is now 4 years old! my oldest is approaching 7 years and still going strong. I only use Diehart Gold, all are sealed, never have been charged either. Yes I pay more for my batteries than most perhaps initially but a lot less than anyone it seems that buys the two year version? I have a couple of tractor that sit the whole winter outside under canvas (not Case/Ingersoll and start very easy in the spring. I also have 3 case/ingersoll GT's that are also under canvas and start year round too. Non of my batteries have EVER leaked, indeed they are all sealed. My batteries are subjected to temps as low as -5 F and can and have reached temps as high as 105 too. Never been an issue! If you want a $35 battery expect to change it regularly but want a long lasting version prepared to pay over $100 too.
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