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Looking at Case 224 tractors

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I have recently discovered the Case 224 and am using the great information on this site to find my 224 tractor. Thanks to your site, I am book smart, not street smart. I recently looked at two tractors, one a 224-79 and the other a 224-81. Both start and run good. The 81 sold. The 79 I was able to run and cut grass. It smokes grey a little on the left side when it is started and the throttle is moved quickly. It is an urban tractor used only to cut about an acre of grass. No snow plow or blower. No hour meter. The owner claims that nothing other than maintenance has been done on the tractor. All the parts are there and they work. A lot of vibration and rattling at idle. Under load the engine smooths out and does its work. Owner claims to have had carburetor adjusted this spring. He also said he bought it new in 1985. What should I look for in a 79 tractor? I am not sure if this is the one. Any help would be appreciated.
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Whether you bought the 81 or the 79, it would not matter. What does matter is condition and price. If the engine smokes, then it's getting tired. What's the asking price? Do you have photos?
Thanks for your interest.
No photos. 79 much cleaner than 81. 81 sold for $575 with snow blade, good Ag tires. Deck not mounted. No chains. 79 looks good, black grease or oil drips down front of engine below grill, but no oil drips under mower. Asking $800 for 79 but indicated they are willing to consider offer. Not comfortable enough with 79 to make an offer. Want a 224 but not sure if it would be better to buy now or wait for that better one. Simple truth is I am not confident enough to make the call that the 79 is the best that can be found and go for it. What I thought I was going to see was a mid 80s tractor. At 50 hours run time/year, 35 years total engine time would be 1,750 hours. Even with good maintenance, getting near the 2,000 threshold. As I write this, thinking not too many hours before rebuild and probably should factor that into any offer, if I want this tractor. Paint freshened up, decals renewed, a new seat and she could be a looker. Tires are not bad. No noise from drive train. I have a used Vanguard 16HP, with maybe 1,000 hours, that could be adapted. What is a rough estimate for a DIY K321 rebuild. Maybe I am answering this myself except for what would be a fair offer.
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Based upon your description I would not pay more than $500 max for the tractor with a mower deck. If it comes with additional attachments and/or options such as the rear PTO and sleeve hitch then the value would be higher. A little smoke at startup is not a big problem but if it burns oil all the time then you're looking at a rebuild in the not too distant future or you could probably run it for years if you keep an eye on the oil level and top it off when necessary. The good thing about the engine is that it is not terribly expensive to rebuild--$450 if done professionally by Brian Miller, an expert in these engines. If you can do the work yourself you're looking at less than half that in parts and machine work.

I would strongly recommend that you get the engine rebuilt if necessary rather than attempt a repower.
I figure a 224-79 is worth $1500 every day of the week :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :sidelaugh: :side laugh:

If the tractor is clean you can run these a long time after they start smokin :thumbsup: :trink:

Here is what my K321 cost me to rebuild.

$55 to cut the crank .010 under
$35 to punch the block .010 over
$90ish for the rebuild kit (gasket set, crank bearings, piston and rod)
Roughly 12 hours of labor including disassembly, cleaning, running parts to the machine shop, reassembly and reinstalling the engine in the tractor.
Case Garden Tractor/224 - $1000 (Brighton)

Date: 2011-07-30, 5:08PM EDT
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Case/Ingersoll 224, 14hp. kohler, with 44" mower deck. This tractor runs perfect. Always well maintained. New battery last yr. Newer hood (I know it says 220) but its a 224!
$1000. call Johnny 810 231-1630

Location: Brighton
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The Brighton tractor is either a 77 or 78 and hardly worth the $1000.00 asking price. Maybe $600.00 on a good day if it checks out OK.
I don't know guys...I just picked up a 1978 222 with J44 deck and L80 caster for $200. After a oil change,plug and air filter it runs real well.I didn't catch where you are located, but $500 seems a little high given your misgivings.You are on the right track to want a Kohler...stay away from the Onan powered tractors IMHO.I would be patient. :gums:
joplin craigslist > for sale / wanted > farm & garden

Case 224 Garden Tractor - $400 (Wyandotte, OK)

Date: 2011-07-06, 8:53PM CDT
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14 horse Koeler motor, motor is good, need minor repairs to run. Has snow blade for front of tractor. CASH ONLY

Location: Wyandotte, OK
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My cost to rebuild my K321 is close to chllngr528's.
$45 to have crank turned .010 under
$35 to have bored .020 over. Done by friend, ended up he did it for free, wouldn't take my money.
$92 (I think) for rebuild kit off of Ebay. gaskets, seals, piston, rings, con. rod
Free crank bearings-had a set on hand that were close, traded to friend for correct set. About $40 online for a new set.
$5.95 for paint.
My time-nothing, I'm cheap but I'm not easy! :sidelaugh:
Machine shop costs to turn the crank and bore the cylinder etc, will vary widely across the country. On behalf of some members on this site, I have spoken with shops that quoted $60.00 per hole to bore an Onan block. If you are contemplating rebuilding an engine and are wondering about how much it MIGHT cost you, then my advice is to talk to local shops and see what the going rate is in YOUR neighbourhood. What happens in Texas can be far different from what happens in Oregon or Maine.
Oh yes, and about $19 for beer.
I can't believe you almost forgot the beer
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