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Looking for a 446 case

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New to the forum.....and had a few questions

I have been looking at these for a while and was trying to find a reasonable deal on one close to home. The only down fall of the 446 is if the Onan needs a rebuild they are fairly expensive to do. If done right and maintenance well it will last me for another 30 years. I even wondered if I should get a 444 do to cheaper rebuild but I think I will be happier with a onan. What do you guys think?
Do you know of any around Cincinnati or Dayton Ohio :fingerscrossed: ......(southwest ohio) that are reasonably priced with attachments?
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Welcome to the group, Brad.

The 444 is a great tractor so don't walk away from a good deal if you find one. The cost of doing a proper rebuild to an Onan is getting quite expensive. We have members who have spent upwards of 2 grand to redo an Onan. That's a lot of lettuce just to get 2 more HP and less vibration.

May I suggest that you monitor the Classifieds forum daily to see what gets posted. You may have to drive an hour or two in order to get a good machine at the right price but it's often worth it to do so. Package deals are often the best way to go with a purchase. What do you want this tractor to do for you?
Push snow/blow snow....possibly mow, I might even use it to put a garden out...plow/rototiller. If possible I would like to get one with a 3 pt hitch. Years ago I worked at a place that sold farm implements. I used to restore discs, plows, tractors all kinds of stuff. I even helped restore a combine one time. That was a long..... bad job. Part of me would like to take something on a much smaller scale and do a complete restoration but still be usable. I really like the toughness of this tractor. The big tires is what really grabbed my attention. I can't believe the prices of these small lawn tractors that are 25-35 years old. I have been watching craigslist but with not much luck.

Brad: Welcome to the group, we're glad your here! :usa: :usa: :usa: Quite a few tractors are posted here on a regular basis and if you keep looking eventually you may come across a buy here or on another venue . You may be surprised to find one pop up on this site in your own backyard. What I have found many times is when you do find something (these CCI tractors are in demand) you have to jump on it quick, get there first, cash in hand! But in general, when you look at the prices of these fine tractors used, you can still get a nice Case or Ingersoll for less than the cost of a big box store tractor.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
I would get the 444, as I would take my kohlers over the onan any day. You can go to David Kirks (i think he is a member here) sight and read about building a killer kohler, after this it would have as much if not more than the onan
I have a 446 with the Onan, and a 224 with the K321 Kohler. They are both fine engines. I would say the Kohler is FAR more easy to work on than the Onan. The Onan has gobs of power and The Kohler performs well too. I used my 44 inch deck on my 224 this summer and I have to say it is one mowing machine. Do not confuse the cast iron Kohlers to the newer 14+ horse power engines with the vertical shafts. They are entirely different animals. I would not hesitate to snap up a 444 if it was available.
Hello Brad, I think you are going to like this forum . There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum. Might even be a couple of wiseass's here. I have only been with this group a short time and i'm enjoying the time spent looking and discovering what this forum has to offer. Buy and fix whatever your heart desires.There are people here to help with any problem. I'm witness to that. :canada: :canada: :thumbsup: oldfrank
Hello Brad,and welcome to the forum.
Glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:
Brad, welcome to the group, Monroe huh? I am your tri state area connection in this forum, just south of 275 here in NKY.
I will point out that I posted up a 444 in NKY I found last week, it just got reposted this morning, with different pics but no drop in price.
The seller wants an arm and a leg for it, but in my opinion it is overpriced by about 500 dollars.
here is the latest update of the posting

I myself am going to go look at exactly the tractor you want tommorow morning, a 446 with 3pt hitch, located in central KY, if I pass on it I will post it on the forum for the rest of you guys.

If you need help finding anything around here, let me know, I have my eyes and ears open daily and i don't miss much as far as things that pop up for sale. I will also be happy to give any help with PTO clutch repair adjustments, and anything else you might think up to do with your machine. I would even ride along with you if you found one to check out and needed an extra set of eyes. I'm no expert, but you could do a lot worse than me helping you out, isn't that right guys? LOL ROFLMAO!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :drinkbuddies:
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Thanks ....all I have is this website and craigslist to look at.

I will tell you that location is the main thing going against you. There are some machines around this area, but not as many as up north, finding a good machine is the easy part, it's the attachments that will be harder to locate. There used to be a few dealers around here, one of my machines came from a former dealership in Milford, but all I have found so far have been machines that were bought new to mow with.

Just a tractor and mower deck is mostly what you will find. Tillers plows snowcasters snowcabs splitters chippers vacuum systems etc.... most of that will entail a lengthy drive or even freight shipping. You made the right choice deciding to find a Case Ingersoll machine.....but you will have to be patient and wait for good deals to show up on the attachments you want, that part could take a little while longer to put together the package you eventually want, unless you get really lucky and find one big package deal close by.
Believe me it is worth the time and effort!!!!
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kungdrew said:
I myself am going to go look at exactly the tractor you want tommorow morning, a 446 with 3pt hitch, located in central KY, if I pass on it I will post it on the forum for the rest of you guys.
I live in central KY. My search skills must be inadequate! I haven't seen anything close to me lately.
Maybe one good thing about finding one that is only used for mowing would be low hours on the engine, hydraulics or wearable parts. Like you said finding the attachments would be difficult at most.

f350ctd said:
kungdrew said:
I myself am going to go look at exactly the tractor you want tommorow morning, a 446 with 3pt hitch, located in central KY, if I pass on it I will post it on the forum for the rest of you guys.
I live in central KY. My search skills must be inadequate! I haven't seen anything close to me lately.
This one wasn't an advertised sale, this came in through my network of contacts. I get right of first refusal on this one, but if I don't own it by tommorow evening, I will discuss what I found wrong with it.
The only reason I might have been interested was for the 3pt hitch. I had been looking for one, but since I had no luck I started ordering parts this week to build my own. Either these tractors are rare in this region or they rarely go up for sale, or more than likely a little of both. I got mine in Murfreesboro TN back in March. It needed some TLC, but the price was right and it turned out to be a pretty solid unit.
Oh, and welcome to the forum Brad!
brad said:
I have been looking at these for a while and was trying to find a reasonable deal on one close to home. ...(southwest ohio) that are reasonably priced with attachments
Welcome Brad from a fellow Ohioan, please define your personal level of "reasonable"
$600 ?
$1200 ?
$1800 ?
Everybody has a different comfort level, there are plenty of members who will keep their eyes peeled, but , it would help to have an approx. price point. :wave:
I would put a wanted ad on CL as well. When my brother was recently looking for one he put a wanted ad out and got a bunch of responses.
brad said:
Thanks ....all I have is this website and craigslist to look at.

Fellow members taught me that using "Searchtempest" allowed me to view multiple C-List cities without searching each one individually. Saves time. Just punch in a radius that`s comfortable for you. Hope this helps. :wave:
I think it depends on what shape it is in as far as how much money i would be willing to spend and the engine doesn't need a rebuild anytime soon. It would be great to come across one with certain attachments...which should give you the best bang for your buck and you didn't have to find any which is difficult already.

I may put one out there on thing about posting a wtb ad is people are usually willing to sell but for a higher price than someone who just want to sell one or get rid of it for some reason or another. I guess a person could still get one at a reasonable price.

I was not aware of search tempest ........that is really cool....thanks

Well Group, I am NOT the new owner of a 1974 446. I will list a few details in case anyone else might be interested in contacting the owner.

I will say that I am not going to trash talk this machine, it was not misrepresented in any way shape or form, the seller was very up front about things he noticed incorrect, and was receptive to hear the things I noticed when I inspected it.

We just could not find a price to agree upon. to me, some things that needed attention would have meant more of an investment than I feel comfortable with at this time, the machine is not overpriced, nor is it a bargain, personally I felt that I could find a better candidate for my purposes.

The gentleman who owns the tractor is a great guy named Terry who lives not too far from me in Carlisle, KY. He is member "dustytools"

He, like many of us, happened into his tractor for a very fair price, but the "sticker shock" of upgrades and attachments, as well as parts availability in our neck of the woods has brought him to a crossroads. He is torn between keeping it and using it for small jobs and for his son to enjoy, strickly as a working machine. As of now it is dangerous on a great deal of his property, see...he has some significant grades and no holding valve.

Even the cost of a holding valve or even a pto so he can add a tiller someday puts him deeper into the investment he initailly intended to make. For someone like me and a lot of members here, I/We have mulitples of some things, so upgrading this machine wouldn't hurt the pocket book too much. He is willing to sell the machine if he can recover his investment.

The main reason I did not buy the machine is my lack of knowledge with Onan engines. The engine has unknown hours and appears to have had a few fasteners replaced indicating an unknown service record. I don't know enough about Onans to take any more than a slight risk, and if I could've gotten my price I would chance it being in good shape, but the possibility of a rebuild (not sure???) makes even a fair price unattractive if I am not interested in doing a lot of work. Which at this point I am not.

I am not listing the asking price, Terry's last name, address or phone numbers out of respect for his privacy. You may contact him here and at MTF via PM if you are interested in learning more.

Even though this tractor has a good working 3pt hitch and a really nice homemede F-27 adapter (patterned from an original) I really didn't factor that into my evaluation or consider it in my offer. To me, selling it would have meant a lot of hassle and only a possible 200-250 profit after ebay fees and other stuff, I would have used it most probably instead of selling it, but like I said, I can be patient and wait for a better platform to start for me the search continues for just the right 400 series to add to my collection.

On a very positive note, the trees are starting to change and today was a glorious day for a drive, no traffic at all, and the beauty of the bluegrass to behold. Had a nice visit at Terry's place, and furthered my education and hobby for little more than a half a tank of gas and a few bucks for lunch. Some things you can't learn from a website, but it's fun to take what I have learned here and elsewhere and apply it in the real world. Thank goodness we have this site for helping us with our hobbies.
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