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Looks like a great buy to me 224 deck and blower $850

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Yessiree Jimbo... That's a nice package. You are going to pick it up WHEN??? :trink: :trink:
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Jim, if the torq gets jealous I will take one or both off your hands. :lol:

Joking, but seriously, you are going to need a bigger garage soon, we may have to intervene.
That's going to cost you big time, Jim.

Jack will have you shoveling manure for a week or feeding all those beasts he lives with. Have you ever heard the old adage There's no such thing as a free lunch. ???
Listen Dude...... If he tries to sell you any tractors, they probably belong to me. So watch out. I won't be pleased to see you post about a Colt you just got a smokin' deal on at Jack's.
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