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Hi folks,
Having looked thru the parts manuals for 3000 and 4000 Onan powered tractors I have noticed what I feel is an error.
The transaxle mount bolts on the right hand side need to have a spacer in the frame as tightening these bolts will squeeze and possibly crack the frame in these areas. Some parts diagrams don't show the spacer. The spacers are different between 3000 & 4000 tractors. The spacer is item 13 on the page showing the tractor frame.
The engine mounting bolts for Onan engines need to have the flat washers with rubber cushions installed on them under the frame. As the left hand side bolt heads are closer to the frame than the right hand side bolts, the flat washers are a D shape and the rubber cushions are also a D shape.
The addition of these washers and rubber on tractors where they are not installed is recommended. Regardless of the tractor and model, the frames will twist which puts high stress on the Onan engine mounting toes. These toes are not as strong as one may think. Look at the 4020PS frame parts diagram and you will see items 9, 25 and 26. Adding a small OD flat washer under the locknut, item 7 is recommended. :geek:
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