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Maybe Ingersoll gets a break

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I am working the New York Farm Show in Syracuse this week. If you are in the area please stop in and say hi. I had quite a conversation with the Kubota factory people and several others about Tier 4 diesel regulations today. Some of the regulations are already in place on large tractors but smaller tractors must meet Teir 4 by 2013. Nobody is positive about the numbers yet but it looks like it's going to add about $4000 to the price of a compact and some sub compact (over 24 hp) tractors. The consensious was that since everyone must meet it won't effect business much. I don't agree because a lot if not most of these tractors today are sold to people that don't really need them, they just want them and $4000 might make them change their mind. $4000 on a $150,000 articulated doesn't seem as bad as $4000 on a $12,000 Sub Compact. Maybe this reopens the door for high end GAS powered garden tractors.
On a side note, I did a quick walk through today and didn't see any Ingersolls and I don't think that we are more 50 miles from the distrubutor. I'll check closer tomorrow if I get a lull.
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Not to be to political, but Governments don't create "real" jobs that benefit the tax income, in this case and many others Government regulations drive up cost and business go out of business.
:headscratcher: That's absolutely ass9 :mad: that due to this regulation they have to charge $4k more for a tractor that small and in that price range. I thought they were to much $ to begin with, now forget it! :facepalm:
Bring on the global warming, lets just not sacrifice the Greatness of our Country (USA) over the foolishness of mans ideas. If we don't pollute China will and we will have to pay for the clean up.
Ack... I've been in the "diesel is often over rated" camp for some time especially when it comes to a vehicle for Joe Blow to go to work with. The fuel costs so much more that it takes an awful long time to get it back with any fuel savings, and when there is any little teenie weeny "issue"... an injector, a pump... You pay enough for the parts or repair to buy a whole, brand new small block gas engine ! That would be like 500 gallons of fuel !

(oh, I know,,, lets buy a $800 6" diameter exhaust system and turn up the pump to get better mileage - Ha!)

Whats with this "gotta pull the cab off the truck" in order to change a head gasket baloney ? Give me a freakin' break. I've been asked a few times already if I want to buy a diesel truck cheap.

Heck, I was told by a guy I know that some pump died on his diesel Chev van. $1000.... Ugh. So, he bought it, tried to get it running and it would not run. Turns out, some "computer" is COOLED by the fuel flow. No fuel flow, PFFFFFT goes the computer ! Ah.... whats another $1000 when your getting almost 20 mpgs ! Sick... Overall, cars and trucks really stink these days.

Ok, so tractors. Ya... ok, so diesels are not as finicky on them... or are they today ? I wouldn't touch anything in a tractor with a 'puter.... just saying.

If diesel was the answer.... Wouldn't John Force be using it in his weekend ride ? LOL !
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I farm. I have almost 30 tractors ranging from 1925 to 1968. Most of the gassers under 300ci are pretty efficent. I have 2 diesels, a 1955 CASE 400 (251ci) and a 1968 CASE 1030 (451ci). Figuring hours worked with horsepower ratio they are more efficent in the long run than a gasser. They will run longer with less maintance than a gasser. Now keep in mind this is WORKING them, not the bozo who has the tricked out diesel toy, that is just a waste of fuel. I just overhauled the injection system in the 400 last winter for around $1000 and the 1030 is getting the same right now for around $1500, that would buy a lot of ignition parts. Both tractors got close to 10,000 hours out of the injection systems. Biggest advantage to gas is cold starting is easier. If anything we should go back to propane. Cheap, clean burning, economical, available almost anywhere. I have a propane farm tractor, it gives more horsepower than either other fuel too. Kohler and Onan made lp engines too..................
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$150,000 for an articulated tractor? Where do you get those?
I guess that it's been a while since I checked prices on big tractors.
Let me give an example. At the farm show there was a high end Simplicity garden tractor. It was 4wd with a 540 PTO and 3 point hitch. Though not as nice as most sub-compacts it did have a quick attach loader. It was powered by a liquid cooled 25 hp GAS Kawasaki engine and listed for $13,800. The dealer in the booth told me that he wasn't selling any because the similarly equipped Massey diesel sub-compact that he also carries sold for $13,000. However if the Massey and other diesel compacts now must meet Tier 4 standards it will go up to $17,000. Maybe this opens the door for high end gas powered tractors.
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