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@tonyjd21 Does the 16HP twin run at this time? At full throttle is it only around 2000 RPM or so?

If it were the factory engine, they surely would have chosen a higher displacement pump for it, since you need to get the standard (about 8 or 9) gallons per minute out of the pump at the "quiet" engine's reduced RPM level.

But if someone just bought a "quiet" version engine and stuck it in there as a replacement, then it's surely mismatched to the pump, only producing 4 or 5 GPM, much lower than ideal. If you did that, you'd find yourself with a much slower tractor than normal.

Wouldn’t you also have a slower running mower deck. ? If so, did they change the pulleys to speed the deck up. ?
Tractordata doesn't say what rpm the engine is at when making the 16 hp or the 18 hp.
Interesting reading.

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