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The spec 24670 is identified as Ingersoll Equipment, not Ingersoll Rand. Totally makes sense with the install to the Massey, which used Kohler Magnums twins instead of the Onan used in the Ingersoll branded tractors.

That all makes sense and yes the ARI powered catalogs do identify this as a M18. But equally, the Kohler model coding beginning with 24 also identifies this as a M18. The QS code indicates the "quiet model" and "electric start"

No question you ID tag looks original, though.

Interesting, the M16's, like the K361's before that, are single cylinder models. The M16 model numbering explicitly use codes 7115xx.

So a bit of a mystery there in the M16QS on the label.

We do know there were a few other examples with Vanguard engines where Ingersoll marketed a tractor as 16hp (e.g. 4016), but installed a 18hp engine. The engines were labelled correctly to the engine mfg codes, however. Best I understand, that had only to do with availability of engines, at the time. Another of our manufacturers has made unique little substitutions like that due to availabiltiy, also.

Leaves me to wonder if MF requested unique code labelling to identify the boxer twin as a M16 ... for marketing purposes.

Fun discoveries ...

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