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Missed a 646 and Boy am I pissed.

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646 came up on Craigs list with 3 point. $1200. I called the guy and told him I would take it. Hooked up the trailer, drove 35 miles. The Jerk sold it to someone else while I was on the way. Guy loading it when I pulled up. I sure would have enjoyed emptying my old Hi-Power in his ass. I did tell him his word wasn't worth a shit.
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I would never do that to someone with a CL sale. If someone tells me they want it and are on there way I at least give them first refusal.

The seller could probably have set up a little bidding war if he had played his cards right.
:think: that has happened to me a few times :wave: hopefully you find anonther deal i have :446: :222:
Bob Sorry to hear about that. Crappy thing that guy pulled. Those loaders are hard to score at a good price. I tried buying one last spring but couldn't pull it off.
Hope something works out for you next time.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
I drove 4 hours once to buy a old 67 Mustang for $1,500, the seller and I traded emails, pictures and I there was no doubt that I was going to buy it since it was a deal. Called before I left and "oh yea, the car is ready", by the time I got there it was gone. The kid sold it an hour before I got there and I was upset but I had satisfaction, before I left I showed him the extra $1,500 cash I brought with me since I knew it was worth more since it was a fastback (and he didn't know the difference), I was prepared to offer him more than what we agreed on if all the numbers on the frame and engine matched as he claimed it did.

The look on his face was all I needed as I as I left esp considering he sold it before I got there for $1,200. Every since then I have felt odd about driving too far to buy something but I always keep it my mind that I might be wasting my time and when it works out, I know I have dealt with someone who is a honest as I try to be.

Fatbob: for what the seller did, he wasn't worthy of your money. Despite your wasted time and gas money you are better off. Not knowing what condition this 646 was in, $1,200 sounds a little too good to be true and perhaps the seller knew that which is why he was so quick in selling it esp not willing to wait less than an hour. (But then, what do I know about 646's? all i have seen of such has been pictures!)
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Fatbob - Sorry to hear about what happened. Over the years I've read about this very thing happening to many others so, as you're well aware, you're not alone. While that situation has not happened to me I can sure understand how you feel. I'm not sure what I'd end up doin' if it were to happen to me. As was mentioned they'll be another 646 deal and yes that guy didn't deserve your money anyway.

Your aggrivation is totally understandable, but put down the old Hi-Power! Unfortunately, we all have been on both sides of these transactions in the past. It sucks to drive somewhere with cash in hand, ready to buy an item, and then pass that item on someone else's trailer as you approach the seller's address. It also sucks to hold an item that you have for sale and turn away other prospective buyers because someone is on their way with cash and they never show up. These issues are the price of doing business on free internet classifieds. Some go good, some go bad. There will be others... :trink:
I sold one of our Land Rovers back in the '90s, I obviously had it way underpriced. I put it into a LR newsletter-

I told every caller the first one there with the asking price in cash would take it, no negotiations or holding on spec (we got a LOT of calls). I got offers of near double the asking price if I would hold it for a check in the mail, I turned them down.

The buyer came from south New Jersey to Massachusetts the following day. The phone kept ringing for 6 months! I suppose I could have started a bidding war, but that was done to me once and I promised myself I wouldn't do it to anybody.

So-I don't consider it "mine" until I've paid. Regardless of what the seller says.
What is it with some of these CL sellers? Thought I bought a 54" blade, and was scheduled to pick it up on a Sunday. Got on this site and followed a post regarding that same blade. Billygoat was sold the same blade and the guy had him pick it up on Saturday! Must be something in their water! I'm happy it went to a group member and fellow Case lover!
"Once upon a time" people had character and their word meant something - how I long for the old days.
Still steamed. I'd like to burn his garage, shoot his dog, and kick his wife. Then get violent. :twisted:
Man, it just ain't worth it. I certainly understand the feeling, but stewing over it is not gonna make it any better. Probably make it worse, it did for me most of the time. There's over 500 people here that are keeping their eye out for ya, your time and deal will come. :cool:
That would be pretty upsetting. $1200 was a good price but if you have been watching ebay you can have one for $1500 pretty easy it would seem
Fatbob said:
Still steamed. I'd like to burn his garage, shoot his dog, and kick his wife. Then get violent. :twisted:
You just can't lower yourself to the low standards of others now matter how pissed off you get. People like that seller will get what coming to them all by themselves, they don't need any help getting it any faster.
Because there was an educational value to this thread as well as a therapeutic value for FatBob, we in ADMIN allowed it to run its course. After some discussion about this thread in the ADMIN section, I think that it is now best to just LOCK it down because any further comment would only be redundant.

I hope that all of you understand.

Thank you

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