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Mounting a Hydravac to a 3 point hitch

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Hi Group, I read somewhere that a case / ingersoll owner mounted a hydravac on a 3-point hitch but I do not recall who had this setup. Today I picked up a Hydravac and PTO and do not want to remove my 3 point hitch if I do not have to. If anyone has mounted a hydravac on a 3-point hitch would you be so kind as to send some photos on what you did or a description.
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Here is how mine is set up. I bought it this way from the guy who made the alterations. It works very well. Once mounted you have to adjust the lift arms to get it level. Once you do this it takes out all of the swaying motion and is actually quite rigid. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any measurements or better pics.

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