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Mower blades for 60" Mower deck--what is your source?

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I am trying to find a source for blades for my 60" mower deck. The part number is C31393 in the parts manual.

The local Case parts dealer is selling the blades for $39 a piece. Is there an off-brand blade that isn't quite so much? Will I be sacrificing much quality by not buying the OEM part?

Thanks in advance
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I would NOT buy off brand mower blades for your deck. I went that route a couple years ago because I was in a jam and tired of pushing a mower around and all it did was drain my wallet. The blades are now in the trash. Spend the extra money on the right blades and take care of the them. I buy all my stuff from a member here. He should get you what you need
The OEM blades are of the highest quality and, to my knowledge, there are no aftermarket sources for the 60" decks. I suggest you contact one of our resident dealers, Tom Hanson or Brian Hildreth, and they can ship them to you quickly--probably at less cost than a Case Farm dealer.
Thanks everyone. I think that I'll spend the extra money to get some nice new OEM blades. Might as well get off to a good start...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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