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Mower Deck Roller

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Am I missing something here?

I am replacing a few parts on my M48 deck and have a question about the rollers. The rollers I am referring to are #8 in the attached diagram. The manual says 4 are required, but I can only see 2 on the bottom of my deck. Are there supposed to be 2 others somewhere? Thanks.

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Pilot error.

The parts books are usually pretty good but they are not perfect. Case made those books in loose-leaf form so that they could be easily updated. After a certain amount of time went by, a new edition was released. Therefore, you will find manual 1243, A1243, B1243, C1243 and D1243. They are all basically the same manual but the A, B, C and D printings are updated versions that reflect the corrections to the 1243 edition along with part numbers that replace old part numbers.
Part of the confusion could be that the parts manual covers several models of the deck. The earlier decks had swivel casters on the front corners which used the small rollers while the later decks had fixed, wider and rounder wheels. So the 4 required rollers could have included two caster wheels plus two anti-scalp rollers under the rear edge.
Yup my L48 has the swivel casters as shown in your shaded area instead of the later anti-scalp fixed units and hence requires 4 so you only need two. By the way the 2.5" roller is available at princess auto in the boat trailer roller section in 12" lengths for about ten bucks. I drilled holes in the bolts through these wheels to provide greasability to them since mine were flat spotted. Is the belt routing decal on top of your deck in good shape? I would be interested in seeing a good copy of the decal page in the parts manual for these decks since the the copies available on line are not great.
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