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My 4020 revival(hopefully)

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Hello, I'm new and this is my first question.

A friend has this and he is giving it to me for free to free up his yard where it has sat still for 5 years since the engine blew. It doesnt look real bad, it looks to be original and complete and not bent up frame wise or anything. I know for like a couple of thousand I can get one of these that run and look better and it's not like this is a real old tractor classic, but man, it looks cool.
My approach is to look it over real good, note broken things or missing things, see if I can get the engine to turn over by hand(has a cylinder head loosened up) go from there. In a perfect world I am hoping for a light rebuild on the engine, some paint and all good.

Or maybe this is a parts machine and not worth the effort.that is why I am here. Seeing these pictures, would any of you bother with this tractor in this condition? or should I part it out.. The price is free so I won't be out nothing.

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@Eric2.0 , Absolutely fix that tractor up. It is very desirable with the 3 point hitch. 400/4000 are liked for the large rear wheels. Make no mistake, that tractor is a beast. It is not modern box store garbage. Well worth the cost of a rebuild. Do a semi restoration on that like the JD316 and you will have a superior tractor.
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My worry right now is my friend is pulling it from the back yard to the front with his tractor. He said he will drag it up. I told him to make sure the back wheels spin, don't drag it wheels locked. It would be stupid to break the inside of it from doing that. Wish I could be there, but I can't, so....he says it spins, but been sitting so long.

My plan now will be to just see if engine turns over by hand and attempt to get it gassed up and get spark back with other repairs to the engine. Might possibly get it to run again, but I'd be surprised if the engine is not seized. It's ok if it is, I'm going to take it off and see about a rebuild or if it's shot, a replacement.

We will see after I do a close inspection when I get it home.

Thanks for tuning in on my thread
Assuming he moves the range selector to neutral it should be able to be towed just fine.

Good luck bringing it back to life.
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Told him make sure it's freed up before pulling it. His idea is picking up the front with his 3 point hitch on the ytm and pulling it up to the driveway. It drives me nuts that the wheels won't turn and he will drag it anyways. If the rear breaks, it wouldn't be worth it IMO, seeing the engine is toast also. That tractor has been sitting for a long time outside. Rear could be seized to, just wish I could be there when he moves it
Is he at all familiar with the tractor? The range selector is located just below the seat. See below. There is a hole in the lever and a pin on the mounting surface. Move the lever so the pin is in the hole and it will be in neutral. Sometimes it takes rocking the tractor back and forth a bit to switch the range selector.

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If you can use the tractor it is still worth fixing up. Yes you might find one for $1,200, but who's to say if the engine is in good shape. If fixing to sell, that may be a different story. Best of luck.
I imagine with that type of tire, this tractor did some hard duty. With 1654 hours on the meter, pretty much everything is probably wore out. It looks to be complete and decent shape frame and body wise though.
The engine may be gone, and other parts do loosen up over time, but the machine is not likely "wore out". The hydraulic drive system is pretty durable.
The man I got it from was the original owner, I have the original owners manual and all that, receipts from being serviced and fixed through the years. It was mostly taken care of until the engine popped and it sat abandoned I'm the yard for a decade. The sticker was probably put on by a service mechanic advertising cometic gaskets he sells. That's my guess. The ag tires were probably put on because he pulled a tiller with it, plowed and all that. It was used more than just a lawn mower.

I was able to get the rear axle to turn free today, which is really promising. I drained and filled the engine full of fresh oil, until it poured out the fill cap on an attempt to lube an engine that has sat dead for a decade. The next nice day I get, I'm going to strip off the carb and muffler, so I can get into the valve covers to see what is going on with that broke valve. If I can fix that and get the engine to turn over, I'll go ahead and rebuild the carb and other things, see if she will start.
Pull the plugs and squirt a little oil in the cylinders and let that sit a few days
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